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January 10, 2009



The work schedule would bother me greatly. Even if I went out and got a job after Roz was in first grade (not even going to bother while she's in kindergarten), the kind of job I would want would have to fit within the hours of 10 and 2, not be too far away, would have to understand if I needed to stay home and catch up the laundry... and I fear there is no such job in the universe. I wish good things for you and your schedule.

Happy Birthday Jon! (again) ;)

And I can't tell you how happy I am that you're on FB. It's so fun seeing you there. I agree that the stupid applications are so not worth anyone's time. I block them all. I don't think people know if you don't accept their garbage. I mean, gestures.

You can "turn up" some people's updates and "turn down" others'. I really think some people believe that having 500 friends is some kind of badge of honor. There are only about twenty people from HS that I care about. The nice thing about FB is that you had guy friends, but now you're married and they're all married, it gives you a nice way of catching up with them without stalking them and scaring their wives. :)


I completely agree about FB... I don't want to be friends with a lot of people - it's really a way to share digital photos with people and such without having to make a commitment of a blog... But, I don't want to be a snob and block out "my boyfriend's best co-worker friend's husband"... Who's a real creep and makes really inane updates. So, I need to find out how to turn up and turn down updates. Some folks, I really couldn't care less. I'm impressed that Millie actually has 20 people about whom she'd care from High School... :)


I'm just hoping I'm one of the twenty. I think I must be, but still these are the insecurities that drive me.


I have the same issues with facebook, except I have found people that I do care about and seem to have lost them since our days at college, and it was really fun to find them again. Other than that, I am totally with you on facebook!

And I think if you just tell grant that the bike is waiting for him on his planet, your good! Happy birthday, Jon and grant.


I think I missed something the first time... Did you wrap up ZipLoc bags for your son's birthday present??? Is that what I saw??? That's like my sister wrapping Cap't Crunch and putting it under the tree...


It wasn't me. It was a progression shot...the next shot shows the glee. Grandpa and Grandma used a ziploc box to send their present in.

I totally set up that shot, by the way, Dad and Kate. He wasn't nearly as concerned with the outer box situation. It was an obedient child humoring his mother's photography needs. ...just in case you were concerned.


Sketch, of course you're one of the twenty. You didn't really think you weren't, did you? :(

There's also a spot on FB where you can make a list of people you don't want to hear about AT ALL and it will block their stuff. Or make a list of the only people you do want to hear from.

*sounding like a FB geek*


I too have recently discovered Facebook but feel there are much more positives than negatives. I am one who gets the phone number but never calls and then the person moves away and I lose all contact together. I've had fun reconnecting with people that I have always cared about, but not been a good enough friend to stay in contact with them. I've been amazed by the number of people who are on FB and like that you can accept a person or not so that you know who is looking at all of your personal stuff. That is my dilemna with blogging or Myspace. I don't want some creep knowing too much about me. And I would feel comfortable for my teenager to use FB as long as I was their "Friend" and could see what was going on. (I do hate using the "Friend" term -- it is so teenagery.)

On the flip side, I do need to figure out the notification thing Millie mentioned. And I am spending more time on it than my hubby would like. My dishes aren't even done yet this AM and I have a dishwasher. It would take me like 10 minutes or something.

Happy BD Jon! Love the pics! And I'm glad you didn't get a Ziploc box for a present.


Good to hear from you Shelly!

Happy Birthday Jon! Loved the photos.

Here's a simple suggestion for the lunch situation that I used to use: make all the sandwiches over the weekend and freeze them. Put all other lunch items in a special bin in the frig or a box in the food cupboard. After breakfast, each child makes his/her own lunch and you're done! It takes some getting used to but we did that for years with a LOT of success!


OMG...you are like a mindreader. I was JUST emailing another person to tell them I am not getting on Facebook for all of those reasons you just mentioned. Thank goodness I am not the only person that feels this way!

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