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January 27, 2009



PS: I think you make a much prettier Bella.


OH my WORD!!! That's awesome :) Can I have it? Please? Please?

Thank you - you're so great.


Edward looks ticked off. I'm kind of scared.


Now wait, I keep leaving comments and they're getting erased! Is it happening again?

First: THANK YOU!! It's awesome! I'm stealing this and putting it in every profile picture I can...

Second: Edward looks kind of cheesed off. It reminds me of the movie Overboard when all of Goldie's psychiatric ward pictures are interposed with Kurt Russell's wedding pictures, when he's trying to convince her they're married. "It's my wedding day. Why do I look so annoyed?"


What does Bunny think of that?


Bunny thinks it's funny. He loves experiencing the "after effects" of my reading anything with Edward in it. ;)

Amber's Crazy Bloggin' Canuck

You are sooo funny. And I am so stealing the idea for my birthday this week!


Sketchy...where are you?


two months sketchy. two MONTHS.


I miss you Shelly!

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