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December 26, 2008



I'm glad you had such a great Christmas. (Warning, whining ahead)... I wish I could have enjoyed temperatures in the 50's. My car hasn't moved in 10 days - buried to the axles. Luckily, we have BART (Big-Ass Red Truck) to get around in. Allowed us to get my Mommy and bring her home with us on Christmas. In spite of all the dang snow, we had a good Christmas. Hopefully, the 20 inches of snow will melt soon. I won't be dreaming for a white Christmas anytime soon...

Yay for finding the Nintendo DS... I love mine. I play it for hours and hours and hours and then even MORE hours...


I'm glad your Christmas was so much fun! Loved the video and your recap! We had about 2 feet of snow for Christmas and it was cold! Brrrrrr! The last two days have been warm (in the 40's) so the snow is melting and now we've got snow. That could mean flooding. Yikes! Such is the season, I guess.

Happy, Healthy 2009!


Heck, we even had snow here in San Jose! Granted, it was in the hills & melted almost right away, but still, it was snow!

Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Here's to a wonderful & prosperous 2009. :)


yes, you are right.... I had no time during the holidays to read this wonderful post. It was also thrilling to see your kids on Christmas morning although your Christmas was very different from ours. We attended four (yes I said FOUR) holiday concerts this year -- one for each child in school. The elementary school cannot combine the grades into one, but seperates them having each grade at a different time. Which works if you only have one or two children, but when you have SIX, you are forever attending concerts in December.

And don't ask me about the snow. I'm sick of it and it is only January 2nd. When oh when will it be spring??????


You had an awesome Christmas! Yay! :) We were supposed to have one Christmas concert, but then Mr. Snow decided to show up and make everyone cancel everything. Love those snow days!

I'm ready for spring too, but I still have to put away Christmas.

(I'm sorry I haven't commented on this post before now - I thought I had, seriously. Bad friend.)

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