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November 06, 2008



i loved the video!!!!! It was sad though because the first time I watched it, Grace was the oldest child home. She kept asking, "Mom who is that???" "I know who it is but who are they?" That was sad to me because I realized that she was only 2 when you moved to PA.

So fun for me though to see your kids carving pumpkins in action. And where are pictures of the costumes???? I'm dying to see them.

melanie pitcher

I just got done looking at your scrap this book link that you tried to hide away - it's very impressive! I can't wait to learn from you the secrets of photoshop!


Loved this post! I soooo miss having kidlets around at Halloween.


Tom cleans the pumpkin seeds... now if that isn't a knight in Halloween armor, I don't know what is.

There's a kid at Harrison and Carter's school who is a dead ringer for you, Russ, and your kids. Every time I see him I do a double take, followed by a long stare... do you have clones here? And if so, where's my playdate invite?

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