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November 15, 2008



Good job at sticking to the deal. It is hard to keep to the consequences when you see them suffer. It looks like he handled it well however. Hopefully the next report card will be better.

Good thing we never had to start this -- I have a hard enough time coming up with money to pay their allowances!


Well, they usually don't get this $ all at once, it depends what they are "saving" for. Jon wants to save for a Nintendo DS so he spend about $15 and "saved" the rest. That way I can divy it out when they have things they want to do and when I have the money! My kids' allowance works sort of the same way. So you're kids are probably getting a deal compared to mine if you are giving out their allowances every week.

Don't tell my kids it's supposed to be a scheduled occurence, lol.

No Cool Story

WOOO HOOO!!! Ka-ching!
I believe in sticking to consequences 100% otherwise why even make up the arrangement in the first place =) I'd totally defeat the purpose.
Good for you Sketchy.


Awwwwwww. We would've caved SO dang fast. I admire your strength. :)


Actually I tried weekly allowance, but could never stick to it. So it is monthly. And it is not much -- $1 for each year of life. So they are really not living the high life. Grace is the worst at $5/month. of course, she is young enough to think that is the greatest. I hate it when they grow up and realize that doesn't buy a heck of a lot.

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