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October 10, 2008



So, I'm a "Democrat"... But I think I'm more of a centrist... Really. However, I think the questions can be interpreted in many ways. "People are too stupid to know what's good for them" could be true because they are misinformed and think they are doing one thing and doing another - does that make sense? But that would make you totalitarian...

Tuesdays are busy because people would forget Monday appointments, Wednesday is family/church day, Thursday is too close to Friday and Friday's Friday...

That's why. I was tired just reading your post. But I'd love to come see Dragons... The train station reminds me of Central Station in NY and the station in DC. Paris turned their beautiful train station into a museum...

I love train stations...


Phew - I'm tired just reading that!


I am a REPUBLICAN!!!! And I only had to take the test once. Seriously though, some of those questions I wasn't sure should even be political questions: "Would it bother me if someone named their child Rainbow or Sunshine?" Really???!!


Hey, so I have just one question...do you see yourself more like Osama Bin Ladin or Darth Vader? BTW, I found the question "It's wrong when environmental regulation puts people out of work, like when limits on logging make it harder for loggers to log logs." to be very funny..."how much wood would a woodchuck chuck...."

Anyway, I guess I'm one of those crazy capitalists...now pay me for my comment, please. ;)


Oh good golly goodness! An actual nonblogging family member posted on MY BLOG!!!!

I swear my heart is all a-flutter!

I think the real question is "how much blogs could a blogger blog if a blogger could blog blogs?"


I took that test once and I think it told me I was a bleeding heart Liberal, and I was so mad, I took my gun and went hunting for spotted owls.

Seriously, the politics thing is hard for me to wrap my little head around. I vote for the guy who's pro-life.


Well that's certainly one way to keep things simple Mil...I have to admit that I'm alittle bewildered this election. I don't feel a kinship with either candidate. And I like to vote on kinship...it's a geneology thing. You should understand.

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