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October 16, 2008


Tori :)

I've been trying to do the same thing this week. I've discovered that my 2 yr old has 2 longsleeve shirts. That's it. My oldest son has grown 2 inches in 8 weeks- seriously. And my oldest's clothes will NEVER fit the 2nd oldest because the oldest is a "husky" boy and the 2nd is scrawny. So... yeah, I'm rambling...


So... How bad is it that I have enough dirty clothes for 8 loads and I'm only counting my own laundry??? Am I a selfish, lazy woman who has too much??? Or is it that I've done my own transition - I just haven't had a chance to wash and but away all my summer clothes? And the fact that I changed out the summer for the winter bedding???

Could just be that I'm a DINK. I dunno. But I seriously feel your pain with the amount of laundry... It stares at me and follows me around the house.

Had a bit of vandalism here today... Someone shot out my sliding door with a pellet gun - luckily only hit one pane of glass. Looks like I'll be getting those French Doors a little sooner than expected... Of course it HAD to happen when Dan was in Chicago. Why does the bad stuff always happen when they're not at home???

I'm rambling too...


Gee, and I was complaining because I have to switch out my own clothes today and wash all of that. Shelly, I remember those days and how frustrating and crazy-busy they were. When you're done, go shopping or take a nap = YOU DESERVE IT!


Tori !!! Yay! I guess rambling on someone else's blogs has it's payoffs. Hi! And, my boys are the same way, only my oldest is a slim, my middle is a husky and my last is average. At least right now he can wear the slims a size bigger than he is with the legs hemmed (yeah right) or rolled up.

Kat - Is this a trick question? You have too many clothes. When have you not? But this is part of your charm. Sorry about the window, but yay on the french doors. Do you guys ever just remodel without so sort of trauma to go along with it? lol But seriously, Shot.Out.Your.Window??? That's more than scary. Everything OK?

Sue - lol I just got up, so I'm following your advice. Tom is very generous in allowing me to sleep in on Saturdays. I need to work on costumes though, no rest for the wicked!

No Cool Story

Ugh! Laundry, it never ends. Transitional laudry, bah!

On the plus side:
I CAN SEE YOUR FEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!! COnfetti! Fireworks! Fat free chocolate that tastes like full fat chocolate!


REALLY??? Wow! I wonder what happenned? No I take that back, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Perhaps if I delve too deeply into the issue it will disappear again.

Thank you oh guru of blogs where ever you are.

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