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September 11, 2008



What beautiful pictures, Shell! It would have been so great to visit that. I think that is so amazing about the people on that plane -- they had to courage to stand up and do something.


Thank you for sharing. That little plane is too much... I had one too.


Thank you for posting those photos...I haven't seen that memorial. Very, very touching. More so than anything we could build to honor them.

No Cool Story

Oh man.


Oh, that plane would be too much for me as well. The whole thing, being "real" that way and not a formal item has to be so hard to see. Forgot that you would be so close to the area. Did you know that Todd Beamer (Let's Roll) was from Federal Way and that they renamed the high school after him? I didn't until this year put that together.


Those people ROCKED. "Rocked" doesn't even come close but it's how I feel. I was talking with Harrison on that day about what heroes the Flight 93 passengers were and how they saved more people from dying, even while knowing they were going to die... I love them. Nothing but love for those wonderful people.

Thanks for posting this.


This site - remote, windy, and hallowed - is one of the most moving places we've ever visited. Thank you to the National Park Service and the volunteers who keep the memories accurate and alive, and the Flight 93 site so well cared for. We will never forget the heroes of Flight 93.

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