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September 19, 2008



Mmmmmm. They all sound marvelous, darling.

I ate the rest of my pita chips today and was so sad. Then I remembered you could make them at home... I still have 3/4 tub of hummus staring at me. Garlic! Too much garlic!!

"Hummi" was funny. :)


These sound good. I will have to try them. I'm always up for a good pumpkin recipe.


Oh yum! I am going to try the hummus recipe for my pita bread. Mmmmm....mmmmm.....good!


I swear I don't see the amount of flour for the waffles. Will you please email me the amount of flour or post it in the comments? My kids are totally bummed out that they don't get waffles for dinner tonight :(

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