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September 10, 2008



Love this story. So, you want him to have to bring ALL his schoolwork home?? Is that the gist? That worked wonders for me. When I had to have all my teachers fill out a notebook entailing all my homework - for some reason it always got done...

Glad to know the Mom-dar is still fully calibrated... :)


What a sneaky ploy! And it is only the 3rd? week of school! I like the consequences. I'll bet he thinks twice before he feigns sick again.

Good going, Mom!


Way to hang tough, Mom. It's funny how these little babies learn to be sneaky so quickly in life, isn't it?


Oh my gosh, best last line ever. And I guess title too, in this case.

And to be fair, it WAS the nurse who called.

That just cracked me up!

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