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September 24, 2008



*eyebrow raise* You have a Strip district?

It's good to focus on the positives, isn't it? There's so little that we can control in life... and isn't that fun? ;)


It's not strip like strip tease, it's strip like strip mall, or a bunch of little delicatessins and yummy shops along one strip of the street.

Guess I should have made that clear!


So. Just because Bettis won the contract Tom can't do any job hunting??? I'm confused...

But, the east coast is still cool.


Well, he could job hunt. But if Bechtel hadn't gotten the contract they would have come to him and said, "We can move you here, or here, or here..." Now they will say, "We really need you to stay put."

So plan B is probably change jobs, then see what's available, well actually that was plan A. But the other plan seemed so nice that we sort of got stuck on it as plan A.


Your list of positives is awesome! Enjoy :)


Oh I forgot the most important thing...if we move within Bechtel Tom retains his years of service. Which in an uncertain economy we want that to be part of the consideration if any there are any layoffs. Not to mention extra vacation time...


Retaining years of service is KEY for sure. That's the main reason my husband stays with his company. I'd still be with mine if the jerks wouldn't have laid me off! ;)

Oh yeah, and no pox on me because I watched your jibjab! LOL


Wow -- you are staying in PA, huh???? I guess we need to pony up and come visit you then. Of course, in this economy, I'm having trouble visiting Tri-Cities, let alone Pittsburgh.

Although I'm sad you won't be closer to the West, it is heartening to know that he has his job and all of the positive things that have come to you because of it. Too bad one of the positives wasn't being close your awesome sister.

At least we have cell phones! Thank goodness for that!


Steph - yeah, I guess for a little while. Tom's pretty big on not changing jobs during a down economy, so while we ride this stuff out we'll probably stay put...unless Bechtel has some huge need somewhere. That might trump Bettis's hold on their employees.

I guess this gives us the extra year to plan our DC trip and NYC trips...those are our big vacations trips left on our Must Do Before We Leave the East list. Want to come out for one of those trips? Now that you won't have to spend your summer vacations remodeling your house maybe you'll have time for the long drive out.

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