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August 26, 2008



Your children look quite happy on the first day of school. I was always happy the first day as well - by the 5th I was miserable.

You can thank the Bard for "The world is mine oyster"... Pistol to Falstaff. When Falstaff refused to loan Pistol money, he threatened to use his sword to open "the world" his oyster. Robbing folks. Guess it wasn't much a compliment in the beginning.

"Fal. I will not lend thee a penny.
Pist. Why, then the world’s mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.
I will retort the sum in equipage."


Alack, I should have known.

alack alack alack

PS: Guess who I heard from yesterday? Ronn! It's a weird world, but good.


It IS a weird world. I hope Ronn is well. Last I heard he was teaching at CBC.

Guess I should have mentioned the play - Merry Wives... And aye, thou shouldst have known... (that hurt my fingers)... :)


The world is my oyster - hmmmmm. Food for thought.

I'm not quite sure how I think I'll feel when my kids are all in school full-time. I can't fathom it, they're all so spread apart in age. It doesn't seem like the day will really come, but I know it will be here sooner than I think...

Hope your million bits of nothing turn into something great soon.


No clue about the oyster quote. (no surprise there, right?)

Your kids are absolutely adorable in their 'first day of school' duds. Love the iea of holding up enough fingers to indicate which grade they will be in. (I was never that clever)

Hang in there, Mom. You will learn to fill that empty time and the ache in your heart will lessen a bit each day. Maybe next year, you and the neighborhood moms can have a 'celebration' breakfast on the first day of school. I did that once and we had a lovely morning!



What cute pictures! I have to say that a part of me is jealous!!! :) It will be a long time before all of my kids are in school. (six more years!!!) This year feels good right now because all the kids but one go to school in the AM so I have 3 hours with just Aubrey. But that will change in another 6 weeks or so.

You are such a good picture mom! I walked Addie & Ethan to school on the first day and didn't even think to bring the camera. I'm such a negligent mother. I did get a picture of Grace on her first day of kindergarten though so that was good, right????

I like the hands showing the grades though. Cute idea!!!

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