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August 21, 2008



That's so nice!!! I love all the pictures.

I did notice a small tidbit I want to share. Looking thru the years - the changes in fashion, hair styles and hair colors - one thing is always constant... Tom's glasses. They are the same... Glad to know, some things NEVER change. Even after one and a half decades!!!

Happy anniversary Sketch.


Loving the new glasses! :) Great photo of you both (I was kinda wondering where 2008 was). Again, happy anniversary.


Well I could hardly post a photo from our night out before we left the house. And if I'd waited until after, let's face it, I would never have gotten it done.

Isn't he hunky in his new glasses. I love them!


I can't tell you he's hunky!!! If I remember correctly "He's all (yours)"... :)

I will say he looks VERY handsome (very distinguished with the grey hair). The new glasses are so much better. They were geeky in 1989. And you look gorgeous... not a day over 32... (Don't ask me how I came up with 32 - pulled it out of a hat.)

Did you have fun on your night out??? I can't imagine that "you wouldn't have gotten to it..." Oh wait, yes I can. LOL. Love ya Sketch.

p.s. Not to be nit picky (you know me, I can't help it - but you love me anyway)... Have you thought of "editing" the "editted"????


I love looking at all the pictures! You both look great! Tom looks so hip (cause I know that's what he was going for) in his new glasses. No really, they look great on him.

Can't wait to hear what you did for the big day. Congrats guys! Love you!


Happy Anniversary! Loved seeing all the photos.


love your tips ... love all the pix ... happy anniversary!!! (belatedly, of course, cuz that's how i roll.) here's to many more decades and half decades!!

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