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August 15, 2008



I'm too old. I don't know who any of those characters are... But I'm impressed with your creativity in making their imaginings reality.

I'm glad to know your nurse will be "less curvy". And remember - high heels are terrible for the feet... :)


I suspect most people don't, so you don't have to feel old. The first ones are from Japanese Anime movies. And if you don't recognize the last few then you should feel young, lol. Hong Kong Phooey was out in the 70s, Alex only knows about it because of the Boomarang cartoon channel, they play old cartoons.


Whew... I feel much better. Hong Kong Phooey looks like Goofy - that's who I thought it was.

You do realize it's August.(?) But if you're making costumes, 2 1/2 months would be a nice start... If I remember, you scrambled a bit last year. I could be wrong - I'd check your posts, but that would require a little more effort... :)

You will (once again, as always) have the cutest children in the best costumes...


Wow, on what planet would a child of today choose Hong Kong Phooey? Only on Sketchyworld. That is awesome. My kids have no idea who he is, but BC and I loved him.

Sigh... Halloween...


I used overalls for my kids costumes for years. They were Bob The Builder, scarecrows, Jethro/Ellie Mae Clampett........now we have to tell them that we don't believe in Halloween because I can't afford to utfit 6 kids!


Wow -- they have great imaginations. Only Grace and Ethan have chosen so far -- Grace is Cinderella (how's that for creative?) and Ethan wants Indiana Jones. Not the most original costumes, but at least they have most of the costume here. (Grace has a beautiful light blue dress that she wore in aunt Hiedi's wedding and all Ethan needs is a jacket and a whip -- those might be hard to acquire.) Aubrey gets no say -- she'll be whatever I can buy cheap off of Ebay or Goodwill. And Hannah and Addie??? Who knows? Now that they are "pre-teens" I stay out of it. I just told them they have to decide by 9/1 because with this new baby coming 10/23, if the costumes are done in September, they won't be done at all.

Can't wait to see what you create!


You are the coolest Mom ever!

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