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August 07, 2008



Extremely strong language Mrs. Sketchy. Don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel about Amaz0n... (like the 0 in Amaz0n)...


Oh, good, now we can discuss it openly.

Jacob? Really? You know who I think of when I picture Jacob? SO not as attractive as Jane Wiedlin's Alice...

The Mexican guy on the bus on Speed. SO not cute at all. I don't know why this is - please don't judge me. I can't get that guy out of my head.


Oh my gosh...so Jacob!

Jacob is fun. Jacob lets Bella be herself and a little crazy. Jacob is not obsessive or possessive. Jacob teases Bella a bit. Jacob enjoys when Bella teases him a bit. Bella and Jacob have a normal non-stalkery, non-obsession relationship. Jacob protects her but not in a crazy I will save you from every shard of anything that may come your way. Oh yes...Jacob!

I may be unintentionally swayed by the fact that Tom is 1/2 Cherokee Indian, I love those strong jaw lines...oooh baby...and at night is very warm to snuggle up with, get backrubs from...mmmmm


lalalalalala.....I not reading or listening to this post.......lalalalalalala....I just picked up the first book in the series and as soon as I am finished the book I have from the library I will start it.


But Edward is pretty. He's courtly and well-read and protective... and dangerous. :) (sigh)


...and a stalker.

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