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July 08, 2008



WOW!!! I'm EXTREMELY impressed!!! I think your baby will have the best gifts to give out... I knew you were talented but... Wow...


I can't believe she is old enough for girl's camp. That is crazy.

You are so talented! I am always amazed at what you can do.


Very impressive. I remember my secret sister at camp, and let me tell you - she didn't give me anything THAT cool. (I love her though.)


Now I'm very glad that Hannah didn't have Secret Sister becasue there is no way I could have matched these gifts. You're amazing!!!! I'm sure I would have hit the Dollar Store and had her pick out 5 things and called it good. How's that for creative?????!!!! :{


My girls got back from camp 2 weeks ago!! Thank the budget deities for a blessing like Target Dollar Spot. My girls got all their Secret Sister stuff there plus added in a pack of gum, some candies, and they made some really cute flip-flops that I already had in my own stash.

You may hoard paper supplies but I hoard ribbon. It's borderline addiction.

YAY! You made some really cute stuff, sketchy!


Thanks! Only 1 more day 'til she's home!!! YAY! It must be going OK because I haven't heard anything.

EWBL - the first thing I thought of was your flipflops, well not YOUR flipflops, I wasn't going to raid your house or anything, but the instructions you posted about making your flipflops. But of course we procrastinated until the last night and I decided to stick with what I know. I have a fairly substantial ribbon collection myself...although again, not what I used to have.


I, too, was at 'camp' (vacation) this past week so missed all of your stuff. She must be home by now. Can't wait to hear how everything went for her. Love the 'Secret Sister' items and I'm sure her SS did also. Great job ladies!

Mad Libs Millie

Hey, you up for some 'Libs?


So, how did camp go?? I hated, simply hated, our ward's girl's camp. It really is the ward that sets the stage for those YW. How did it go?? Please tell me she LOVED it.

Great job on the craftiness too!! Trying to type with a puppy on my lap is NOT an easy thing. ;-) Speaking of typing, how about an update on the kids' blog!! How is it working for them??

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