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July 05, 2008



Living as we do near several Indian Reservations - there was a buffet of ILLEGAL fireworks in our neighborhood. They were the type that had the huge starburst formation - the ones you'd only see in a professional display. And the noise was TERRIBLE, sounded like bombs were going off - right over our house. I watched a bit, but - I wanted to get up early and watch tennis. Silly me.

And apparently it ALWAYS rains on the 4th of July in Olympia. I'm heading to Tri-Cities tomorrow. I'm looking forward to sunshine and warmth... :)

As long as your kids had fun, I guess you did OK, Mom. Maybe labor day will be one of those 4 day weekends. And your big bill will be paid off!!!! And of course, you'll be able to enjoy that long weekend much better without the weight of that bill on your shoulders...


Sketch - your fireworks/sparkler photos are awesome!

It's Sketchy

Kat - But what about my fun?

Jan - thanks! I like the sparklers and the sillouettes, but I sort of gave up on the fireworks, the pole in my way just annoyed me too much to really focus in and try to get a good shot. Plus as you probably noticed, I was a little cranky about the whole thing, lol.


I know. It's sad you didn't get to have as much fun. But, I guess you need to live vicariously through your children... :(

But you'll get to have fun again... Someday...


It looks like you had some firework lighting fun! Sorry the other parts didn't work out. Love the pictures though. Those turned out great.

We went to the parade, but it rained half way through and we got soaked. Not expected. We then had a BBQ with family and a cake for Addie. Next we went with Wade's family to watch the fireworks on the river. It was fun and rewarding, but I do miss the old thrill of lighting our own fireworks. They are banned everywhere in the Valley now except on the reservation.

You gotta love the good ole days.......

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