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July 01, 2008



Your summer sounds busy, as it should be with kids! I hope the therapy works out well and that he can catch up a bit. Always a big plus when school starts again.

As for those pesky bills - Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Hope it all works out for you.

Take care and have a Shelly day at some point!


It sounds like you are working on what Seth and I are reading about...The Total Money Makeover, and will be working on soon. We are trying to balance getting out of debt while at the same time, stocking up our year supply. That kind of contradicts each other a bit but both need to be done.

Congrats on getting to where you are at now. Good luck and keep going.


We fell off the Dave Ramsey train awhile back. Now I think the only way we can pull ourselves out of debt is to move from our craphole house to an even more craphole house. Our property taxes are killer here and that combined with high gas and utilities and food is really killing us right now. Oh yeah, and the fact that my nearly paid off truck got totaled by an illegal alien last summer and we had to start over again with payments. Dave is right when he says "Life Happens." We've had a lot of life smacking us in the face.

I'm super happy for you guys!! It's not easy to make the sacrifices but it will be so worth it when you're done!

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