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June 23, 2008



Burn, Sketchy, BURN!!!!

So this product had you seeing red, literally? Bad. Very bad. :(


Body mist??? I'll remember that.

Poor crispy Sketchy... I feel your pain. Of course your face isn't burned... :)


Ok, how did I not check your blog for a whole 10 days and you have like 4 new posts!!!!! I have some catching up to do. Sorry you all got burned, but the wave pool sounds like a blast.

Any more fun summer plans?????


EWBL, yes it is something of an inferno over here. Not the disco kind, how sad, more of the don't you dare try to cuddle with me in the bed, kind...

Kat, of course not...apparently the Avon skin creme I use DOES work.

Steph! Hey, I didn't even know you were still checking, so I'm happy. I check yours every once in a while too, but so far... Oh well, there's still the telephone.

Oh and summer plans? Well I still have a bunch of posts about what we have done already but I haven't yet blogged, so even if we stay home for the rest of the summer it should carry us through at the rate I normally blog...


Sunburn is NOT fun! It's also adds insult to injury when the sunblock product fails to work as it's supposed to. Hard to believe that a skin care company like Neutrogena has such a crappy product. Hope you can get your money back. Take care.


Good to know! Being a resident red-head myself, I need my lotion to actually WORK.


Yikes! I would be contacting the company if I were you. That's just wrong!

No Cool Story on Firefox

Yikes! I'd have totally bought that one :( It's Neutrogena AND Cool Mist, to me that says "good product" Liars! Fabricators!
70? That's such a lie. After 40 it's just false advertising.

Sorry about the sunburns. Ouchie.

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