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May 06, 2008



I think you're too hard on yourself... I think the wedding thank you's went out 6 months after... ; )

Going all the way to Florida to visit Walmart... That's good... I can't wait to hear about Mickey and friends... :)

Love the new banner...


Kat, you must have been in round one of thank you cards.


Well, it's about time girlfriend! LOL - just kidding. Love ya!
Love the new blog colours and header! And of course the update. :)


I want to go to Savannah, too! Well, maybe not to picnic........but anyway!

Sounds like this was a great start to your trip :)


Your new heading and photo are awesome! Very eye-catching and fun. Loving the replay of the trip and the pictures from Savannah are so pretty. It's one of the places I really want to go.


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