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May 09, 2008



I think your van is asking to be taken out and shot... It's always something new.

Glad you had fun in the warm, calm ocean. Most would find that to be a pleasant experience... :)

Can't wait to hear about Mickey and Friends...


Actually I think its the same problem technically. But regardless it's going to have to go engine failure on us I think to be shot. We're the drive the vehicle into the ground/save up money so you don't have a car payment type.

Oh and I really enjoyed the beach there. I just had trouble with the idea of it as an ocean.


No fair. Real life problems are NOT supposed to happen while you're on vacation.

No Cool Story

I could have bet money that I commented on this post =(

Oh well. I love the beach! look at those colors! and the sand!!!
See? No one is wearing jackets!

AAAAHHHH! I love it!


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