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April 26, 2008



I can't believe you couldn't imagine a use for 1/2 a pink and white feather boa... What sort of creative momma are you??? :)

Glad to see you're blogging again... Now we just have to wait for Disney World pictures...


You are so demanding....

My creative impulses generally don't involve feather boas. Yes Tom is slightly disappointed about that.


I could've sworn I replied to this blog post a few days ago but evidently it's floating out in cyber space somewhere. Good to have you back blogging again and I love all these bright costumes for this musical. Brooke looks like a lovely orange bird. Great job Mama Bird!


Shelly, the costume looks fantastic! Brooke looks wonderful & yes, it is obvious that her costume IS the BEST. You are one terrific mum!! hxx


You are an impressive seamstress! Look at that cute girl! Bit by Mom's theater bug.

The one good thing Bri would say about living in PA (most of it was bad - take a 16-year-old Utah boy out of his habitat and you get some culture shock) was that the music programs were taken much more seriously there. None of this "band geek" or "choir geek" stuff. The COOL people were involved with the music, too.

It almost makes me want to move there, if he wouldn't kill me.

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