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March 07, 2008



My mom always dropped me off on Saturday nights at my great-grandparents home. My great-grandma and I always plopped down together on her tacky sofa with the big green sueded leaves stamped all over it and we'd watch the Lawrence Welk Show and pop gummy spice drops into our mouths. They owned their own dairy farm and they had this gigantic room filled with nothing but sinks and stainless steel counters. No, it wasn't a freaky home autopsy room! It was her candy room because she was constantly cooking stuff for church and family and whatever and she'd stick it in there to cool/harden on all the counters.


OK, when Brennan was about three, we went to Gran and Neenaw's house, and they lived next to Uncle John & Aunt Karen and all their kids. My cousin Jennifer was there when Brennan came in from playing outside and said, "I want a cookie." Gran looked at this tiny three-year-old kid and said, "Well, people in hell want ice water!" Neenaw was disgusted, but the rest of us just laughed and laughed... we made Gran chuckle, we were laughing so hard.

Jen told this story at Gran's funeral - it was great that she remembered it being as funny as I always thought it was.


Oh that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. And the covering her eyes at Little House On The Prairie is priceless.

When someone can write about a relative and have me completely enthralled, I think it says two things. One about the skill of your writing, and two, about the character of the person you are writing about. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I grew up far away from most relatives so our visits were few and far between, unfortunately. But my grandma's house had the same "back door" entrance through the kitchen.

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