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February 07, 2008



Snobby PREPositional phrases and their alligator shirts with preppy pink sweaters tied around their shoulders. >:

I was in the older Nursery up until just a few weeks ago and it was astounding how much those kids ate at snack time. 5 kids aged 3 to 3 1/2 blew through a pound of deli ham and a whole block of cheese along with crackers and a bowl full of watermelon. One sister accused me of exaggerating when I told her that. She substituted and got to see the feeding frenzy live and in person.


Based on the size of that foot in proportion to the rest of him, I tend to agree - growth spurt definitely on the way... He seems to be scowling a bit in the close up - is he getting his "game face" on???


EWL - I suspect their parents of not feeding them. They probably figure Sunday is their day off.

Kat - I think he's mostly wondering when his weird mother will be done taking photos of him eating. But I could just be projecting that.


You are such a weird mother. And it's horribly abusive of you to subject your children to hours and hours of photos that are then put out on the world wide web for others to gawk at... I don't know how you live with yourself... (for all those who don't know me, I hope you recognize my irony... I know Sketchy does - but then, she knows me...)


ROFL! He's got a lot of practice ahead of him to beat Kobyashi(sure that spelling is wrong!) of Japan at Coney Island but who knows what the future will hold? Cute.


Carter's doing the same thing - nosh, nosh, nosh. Eat a sandwich. Eat another one. Have 15 glasses of milk with them (we call him "The Calf"). Ten minutes later, complain of starvation. I wish I could put it away like that.

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