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February 29, 2008



You're so brave. And I know you won't chicken out... And please remember - it's harder than it sounds, I know - don't worry about anything until you need to. And don't be afraid. Sending you a big hug from Western Wa...


Awwwww. I think you're very brave, and that this is a very worthwhile thing you'll be doing. I can understand the fear though.

I think if a test had existed back in the day, your mom would have done the same thing.


*this test, not "a test" - sorry :)


I agree that you are very brave and very smart to volunteer for this group. Don't worry about it.
Prayers for you and hugs.


I finally have a chance to check in with you and what do I find? My cyber friend is my hero! You go girl. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing.

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