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February 25, 2008



I needed a laugh today. You provided it. Thank you.

So, your man has been using "dirty" towels for 2 1/2 years??? He never found any other clues???


Well, to be fair I'd say a good 60% of the time his towel conveniently disappears and I get him (and myself) a fresh one because I'm the more fastidious one on that nature. But apparently for the other 40% of the time...yes.


Eew... I'm glad to know the "clean towel fairy" comes to your house on a regular basis. Now only 40% of the time has he walked out with who knows what clinging...

I am finding this very amusing and will have a private giggle for several hours (days) about this... Tell Tom thanks from me...


Oh my gosh, what a great man! I love the "clean towel bin" he even had a name for something that didn't actually exist.


Toweling off at my dad's house means getting black hairs all over you because the man sheds like a wild beast. Not even a high-powered washing machine can cleanse the man fuzz off it.


EWL's story reminds me of stake men's basketball - one time there was a guy who didn't need a shirt, he was so completely covered with hair. It was like a black hair t-shirt. I felt for him.

We're lucky if we can keep clean towels around... our children subscribe to the "hang up my towel, why? I was filthy dirty when I dried myself off" theory.

No Cool Story


Oh man.

No Cool Story

The evil robots keep eating my comments!!! WAAAAAAAA :(

Anyway, my eated commentd said: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man.


You crack me up! What a cute story and what a great hubby you have.

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