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January 02, 2008



Shelly, I'm not family but I enjoy your blog and check in often. Your family is beautiful and I'm happy that your Dad and Kate can spend the holidays with all of you. Thanks, again, for the awesome Christmas card!


I'm not family either BUT:

"That's so funny"... "Your children are so clever"...

I guess that gets me out of the "I don't comment" hole for a while!!!

Seriously, I'm glad you're having a good time - it's nice for your kids to have Grandpa and Kate around for a while. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.


Hi! That's So Funny!

See? And I'm not even family.


Millie has never seen Big Trouble In Little China. Can you believe that?!!? I was quoting the movie to her and she was like, "Whaaaaaaa?!!!?"

If I ever see it at the Dollar Store I'm going to buy her a copy as my gift to her masters degree in pop culture knowledge.


Please, no.

I hope you know I read your blog. I try to leave enough comments (what "enough" is, I don't know). But I know it's frustrating when it seems like NO ONE is reading your blog. It makes you want to, I don't know, quit blogging altogether. ;)

No Cool Story

I also enjoy reading your blog! And I love your layouts and colors, LOVE!!!
I guess I don't come as often as I should because I forget :( if only this blog's feed would update and remind me :(
This doesn't mean I forget about you. No, I'm just bad Sketchy, BAD I tell ya.


I'll be the first of family! (sort of) Seth said to say I am writing for him.

I visit your blog all the time, I have noticed you always have lots of comments and lots of visitors so I figured you didn't really "need" another comment.

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