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September 20, 2007



OMG!! I LOVE THIS. Not that people are stupid, I don't love that, but that it shows how JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON stupid people can be.


At first I thought this was quite funny...then it dawned on me...how many people sign petitions without asking...then I got nervous!


This is great... I've never seen a video representation of this... I may use it with my students...


*snicker snicker* JUST SAY NO!


Oh, and they forgot to mention that if you inhale dihydrogen-monoxide, you can DIE!! *hee hee*


That stuff is just wrong. Wrong, I tell you. There ought to be a law....


love this!

No Cool Story

It offends me that you'd think I'd be offended.

That said, I love it that this happened at WORLDFEST.
Awwwww, save the environmet.

And thusly I forgive you for offending me.


I hear that some people have been making little kids soak in that stuff, and at the end their skin is all shrivelled up and wrinkly...its THAT dangerous.

Carrot Jello

I'm offended. Deeply, deeply offended.


So funny, but also kinda mean. In a funny they-deserve-it kinda way. I never sign on to something unless I have the facts. Which is actually kind of rare, now that I think of it.


I saw this a couple months ago!!!

But then again, Mr. Penn named his poor daughter, Moxie Crimefighter. Who's the bigger idiot--the petition signers, or him? I vote for him. Moxie Crimefighter. Crap. That's just awful.

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