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September 07, 2007



So the bears TP is a no go hugh? I have always thought that might be a good brand to try. Though I am too cheep to change. Costco is great!

"...others seem to be nicer lately" LOL that is really funny. But it makes sense.

Those are some pretty nasty vomit boots. I cannot believe they are sold out. I think some people buy things only because they cost a lot, not really for what they look like. They just "have" to be "IN" if they cost that much. I can think a few better ways to spend $150. Thanks for sharing.

No Cool Story

Paula Deen's toaster, does it come with a 10 lb block of butter (buttah)?
Charmin Extra Strong, do you think it meant "extra strong butt"?
Vomity boots: They do come in other colors?

I decided to shake things up by mixing the order of my questions.
Because I'm unpredictable like that.


I bought Cottonelle last week. Let's just say that the money I saved on buying it as the advertised special has been re-invested into purchasing more anti-bacterial soap. Yeah, nuff said. Paper thin is only good when it applies to yummy phyllo pastries.


RaNell - The old red charmin packaged bear tp was good. This is how I got suckered into the "Extra Strong" thing.

re: the vomit boots - no extra colors that I saw (although if they replaced the pink with brown and the cream with brown and the gold with brown, and the brown stayed the same, then probably yes.
re: the PDT - I'm sure somebody must have swiped mine. I am so complaining to someone about it.
re: the "Extra Strong" - I think you are on to something there.

EWBL - Cottonelle is a nobuy too I take it? See how good I am at reading between the cracks? Oops I mean, lines?


Sorry. I've been missing-in-blog-reading-action lately.

Thanks for your good, bad and definately ugly picks. You probably saved me from buying those boots. I'm indebted. Love the look of that toaster/egg thing and will have to look into getting one. As for extra strong Charmin, hmmmmmmm. Gonna keep buying Scott.

Sue : )

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