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September 13, 2007



It's great that you even shared the gene pool! Wow! When I look at you and Tom, you both have high cheek bones and almost the same chin structure. It would make sense that your kids would inherit those qualities from both of you. The eyes and nose are slightly different on the kids but I think the meter thingy is pretty accurate.


I look exactly like my dad. Fat, hairy, brown eyes.....My mom never had to shell out money for a paternity test or go on Maury to find out who my daddy was.

Your kids are a nice little mix of 'hers and his' genetics. Sweet!


rofl at the gene pool domination comment ...

you have a pretty gorgeous family, lady!

No Cool Story

I love the colors and the header and everything! It's so happy, cheerful and fun :D
Wow, your kids are a good mix and then mostly Shelly.
You do have a cute familia. Congrats.


Awww, you look so cute. And maybe it's just me because I've known you and seen you as a young girl, but your kids all look WAY more like you than Tom to me. ;) We'll let that be our little secret.

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