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September 24, 2007



It doth look like you had a marvelous time whilst at the Faire... O.k. I really don't know how to speak that way! Did those guillotine pictures with your kiddies freak you out a little???


Suzanne, guillotine pictures would indeed freak me out. Luckily those are just stocks. No sharp scary blades. Yay for that!


Sounds like it was quite a day for all of you! My youngest son and his girlfriend went to the Ren. Faire in Bristol, WI a month ago.


Our Renaissance Festival kicks up next month......I can't decide if I should wear my push-up boobie serving wench costume or my head to toe chain maille look? Hmmmm

Your costume comment on my blog yesterday cracked me up. Peace and Quiet!


I have never been to one of these festivals but they look really neat-o.


you went!!! how fun!!! i'm off to look at the pix ... but a and that was very brave of you to go with a visible monty python shirt ... lol!

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