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September 15, 2007



Fun post, especially your own Calvin. :-)

I sooooo saved that link for FamilyFun. Those recipes are perfect!


Thanks Shelly, you made my morning. My son left to go back to Florida yesterday so I'm a bit bummed today. Your sweet family memories made me smile.

No Cool Story

You are like the concert Queen.
ITA with Amber, this post is all kinds of fun! I look like this now :D
"Bow an arrow for catching mice" Sweet!

No Cool Story

Oh and I know you know this already, because I write it everytime. BUT I love your headers, colors, templates and everything :)


Every time I watch Gone With the Wind, I swear I'm never going to watch it again. I hate the ending. It couldn't end any other way, but I still hate it.

I hear you on lunch money. Yikes!!!


My son wants to know if he can marry me too....I love that your son is going to marry a girl from the next village over!! *snicker*
Oh, and Gone with the Wind??? Eh, I could do without it....the first time I watched the end of it, I laughed when she got left behind!! SHE TOTALLY DESERVED IT!! (Yes, I'm mean like that, but you still love me, right?!)
But Indiana Jones??? YUMMY!! ;)
And a WHOO HOO For cooler weather!!


I got distracted by the Suzanne Vega picture. Now all I can think of "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo My Name Is Luka."


Fun post! Lots to comment on:

1) you make your own tortillas??? You go girl. I wish I could since I can't buy them here.
2) Good idea on the Family Fun lunch recipes-I'll have to check that out.
3) The school lunches at my kids' school costs our family $90/week. Luckily it is mandatory to eat in the cafeteria so the company has to pick up the tab!!!
4) I bet my kids would like Indiana Jones too.
%)"Will you marry me?" so cute! My 4 year old asks me this occasionaly-so sweet.

Carrot Jello

My 3 year old asked me to marry him on Sunday. I said yes.


That is really neat that you are having your kids help make their lunches and are doing such fun meals! My poor kids are lucky to get an occassionaly tuna or bologna in the never ending line up of PB&Js.

And I've been in the mood to bake again, too. Love the cool nights especially!

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