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August 15, 2007


No Cool Story

I have woke up DH numerous times: "Babe! What was that?!?" "Huuh?" "I heard something...go check please" "...ok..."
But when he's not here, oh boy. I also think of crying at the bad guys.
And my dog is no help whatsoever. Wuss.


I love the prayer loophole idea. "I would have blessed you but you forgot to read your scriptures this morning." Thank goodness it doesn't really work that way. :)

Speaking of being up late...


Oh my goodness - I can talk myself into those panic attacks too! I hope you managed to get some sleep last night.


My hubby says that because his eyesight is so bad, that I'll have to be the one that gets an intruder at night. Umm...I think crying is the best I could do too. I think we're going to need to invest in that LASIK surgery!

I like to stay up late too! :D


I think you spelled "wussy" right, considering what it rhymes with... (sorry to be crude, but you asked).

I've worked myself into a frenzy as well, but with Dan gone so much - I'm used to being awake by myself... The fact that a sheriff's deputy lives across the street and 2 WSP detectives live in my neighborhood - not to mention the WSP vehicle parked in my driveway 6 months a year makes me feel much safer...

Hope the heat wave has broken... :)


Oh my goodness, that sounds just like Hannah. Completely. Especially the "working myself into a full blown panic mode".

I used to be like that too, always hearing the noises and wondering what Ax Murderer was breaking into my house.

Then I started working the Night shift. And now anytime I get to sleep in my bed is shear bliss that I stopped hearing those noises. I sleep so soundly..................except when the baby cries.

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