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August 16, 2007



It took me forever to find a link to find you! And I am glad you can take a joke! I think it is a rule that Bloggers must beable to be sarcastic and silly. Which is why, off line, people are always giving us funny looks!

Thanks for the blog visit!


Oh shoot I knew I should have just put a linkie in my comment. Then I thought, No, she can just clickety on that Sketchy thing right? Thanks for hunting me down. That's cool that you actually cared enough to work like that. Well, actually its either cool or scary. Are you scary?

No Cool Story

HA! That was too funny. Someone did that the other day, the put a package of sealed cookis under their arm (under their shirt).
Anyway, so you are the ward's smart alec. Very very intersting. I would love to read more about that.
PS: I love your new cute template, it's soooo happy.


Grossferatu! I just died the death after reading the post, and that comment sent me right up the river Styx, ne'er to return. I'm afraid I'm the ward smart alec too, but no one gets my jokes because they're such a mishmash of references. My husband thinks I'm funny. (Here I am again, I'm back.)

Oh, Just Nobody

It's a hard life, being funny, chasing that ever elusive "appropriate" boundary.
I once offered to teach belly dancing lessons, 8 and a half months pregnant, as my contribution to enrichment night "share your talent" night. Um, it didn't go over so well. But the memory of 8 shocked fellow enrichment board member faces lives on in my memory even today. So it was so worth it. The one who finally had the nerve to tell me it probably wouldn't be appropriate (OR POSSIBLE PEOPLE!!!!!!) especially stands out in my memory.

I just had to say, your CPS comment CRACKED ME UP. You are muy comica girl.


I SO read that post and I was trying really hard to contain my coffee filled bladder!!! Yes, this Mormon was approved to use coffee for medicinal reasons. I think I might be hard pressed to give it up after this. Or maybe I need to have a weekly lunch date with Emma and Dapoppins so I can smell theirs and live vicariously through them.

I lost your link! I am glad I found it again!

Mrs. L

This so had me cracking up. Thanks for the smile today. I'm not sure I'll be able to look at cookies tomorrow without bustin up.


Ewww... I wouldn't want any of the __________'s cookies either... Yuck... I laughed very hard. I'm wondering if I should let Dapoppins know that there are red-blooded, American - METHODISTS who don't drink coffee either... Do you think that would cause the Earth to stop rotating on its axis???

Actually, it is very funny, the question whether or not Mormons can take a joke... Especially considering WHO you married Mrs. Sketchy... Granted, he was a late bloomer, but he can take a joke very well... :-)


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love it (and the Depends joke). I'm stealing that one.

Dapoppins is not scary but she does love to throw breadsticks around the restaurant, so I'd be careful about stalking her, unless you don't mind being whapped with the occasional bread product. I don't mind - she's worth it.

This reminds me of the time I was jazzing one of the bishopric members about my U of U T-shirt - he's a Y grad. "Hey Cary! Ya like my shirt?" "Yeah, I'd like to BURN it!" which would have been fine if the ultra-priss YM president (yes I said YM) hadn't said, "Cary, you can't burn her shirt - then she'd be shirtless!"

::utter silence::


Nobody got my drug joke when we had Nursery class looking at their tastebuds with mirrors while trying lines of salt and sugar and it ended up strewn across the mirrors. It looked like a toddler Studio 54 in there!

I had to explain in detail to my very nice and sweet co-leader what the heck I was talking about. :(

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