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July 10, 2007


No Cool Story

I want to see a video of #5. Nay, I demand to see video of it :)

Hey Sketchy, you make the bestest layouts/color schemes/headers on your blogs. I have loved every single on of them. You are fantabulous.

See? you actually did need 11.


So I was also 11 the day that I had finished pounding on my brother and it suddenly hit me that I should not do that anymore. I remember that vividly. But my repentance did not include an apology.

I do the paper nail cleaning thing too. I'm also obsessed with cleaning under the deep part of the side of my big toes. Which is hard. I used to use a pocket knife while I was on my mission. Every night, we came home with our feet covered with mud, so when we sat down for companionship whatever-it-was, I cleaned the toes. Not with my teeth, though.

Sandal, yes. Wrinkles, yes. (thanks for the tip on the face cream, I'll be lookin' for that.) Gray hair at 19, yes. But that's ok, because 40 is the new 20.


I thoroughly enjoyed your 10 random items. And yes, it is true that you blog more than I, dear sis, but I have to say that perfect and pretty are all very relative. I know many who will say that I am not either of those things, first and foremost my 11-year-old. (I'm dying in the TWEEN stage of life -- how is there any hope for the teenage ones?)

I will attest to your ability to cook and am sorry that we ever teased you about that. (Remember "Salad Soup" and "More Bun than Burger"? I still feel sorry to this day.)

Don't worry about beating on Russ and Seth -- I think that they may be the better for it. :)


NCS - That will be a blog for another day...when my camera is back from repair and my nails are dirty.

Hope I mean Sarah - Yay! A club member! (Or do you not have Spongebob inflicted on you as much as I do to get that reference?)

Steph - aren't tweenies fun?????? Well you will always be perfect and pretty to me. I forgot about soup salad, lol!


I'm genetically pre-disposed to varicose veins, super deep stretch marks, hairy arms, and large pores. Hooray for me!

I've started weeding out all my many recipe books and just keeping stuff stored on the computer or finding new recipes online.


EWL - that's the incredibly dumb thing about my recipes...I inveriably turn to the internet to find new ones instead of my collected recipes. So I just end up collecting more. It is a sad sad life being one of my old collected recipes...


On the video: the bowling looks staged and the kid with the 10 little Indians thing sounds upset. "TEN LITTLE INDIANS!!!" He's obviously quite overwrought - I wonder if he senses the un-PCness of the ten little Indians toy. I also wonder if the guy who had to fall down the stairs carrying desserts had health insurance.

Wow, 19? I think I was 26. But I bet I have a lot more gray than you do now. :) I had no idea that you used to be mean to R & S. It seemed like you all got along, to me.


Oh yeah, this is totally the most anyone has ever written about me on any sort of webby medium. Yay! Me! A member of the club... and no amount of mermaid magic, or managerial promotion, or some other third thing, can make me anything more than what I really am inside... a kid. I'm a goofy goober.


I'm a under-the-nail-cleaner person too.....AND I've done the paper thing!! (Although, now I know about the softening of it so you don't get stabbed!!)
You're so great!! (And now I've got the holy hand grenade scene from Monty Python going thru my brain!! LOL Thanks!)


Ooh, I've been tagged! I better get on it! :)

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