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June 20, 2007



I used to own a pair of those rainbow suspenders! But then I also had a Mork And Mindy lunchbox, and repeated "Nanoo, Nanoo" a lot in my childhood. I was one step below even the Dungeon And Dragon geeks, the Star Wars nerds, and the Space Invader video game freaks. :(


I love reading this stuff :)

Carrot Jello

I dare you to wear all the things you won't ever wear again. Yeah, I dare you.

Carrot Jello

I dare you to wear all the things you won't ever wear again. Yeah, I dare you.

Carrot Jello

I believe your blog wants me to look like an idiot. Yes, it's what I believe. I did not post that comment twice. Your blog did it. It doesn't like me.


I dare you to wear all of that at once. (What's wrong with blue mascara? I'm wearing purple right this minute.)

Amen on leftovers!!! I love cooking just so I'll have leftovers!!!

Thanks for playing :)


Of course you didn't Double Dog Dare me, so I don't take any of you 3 very seriously.


The difference in 10 short years has been sort of blowing my mind on these memes.

I bow to you for liking leftovers. You would always be happy at my house. I always put leftovers away and rarely can make myself eat them.

Rainbow suspenders will ALWAYS be cool.


OK, I finally logged on to see this and I will try to live up to the challenge. Although I might have to steal 3 of your 5 snacks. YUM!

sue rood

Isn't it amazing how fast time marches on?

No Cool Story

AAaaah, the rainbow suspenders! I wanted a black pair so bad. The sad part is that I wanted to wear them down (hanging) like my friends did, how sad is that?
I love Jalapeno kettle cooked potato chips, let's have a sleep over and eat tons of those.


What??! What??! This is what I get for not reading your blog for a while, huh?! ;-) Alrighty then. See how you are. Funny thing is I have been thinking of you the last couple of days. We are on a road trip...and we are going to be sure and go to the replica of Stonehenge (spell?) this time. (Which we only know exists because of you! LOL)

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