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May 19, 2007



HAPPY BIRHTDAY GIRLFRIEND!! So, dare I ask, what year are we celebrating??! Hope you have a wonderful day!!


How good are you at math? LOL That picture was taken in 1975 when I was 5.


Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend. :)

I wrote haiku for you today. Hope your day is wonderful. The fact that someone wrote haiku for you... how could it possibly get any better? ;)


Carrot Jello

Happy birthday! You are 5 months and one day older than me. ;)

No Cool Story

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I'm yelling!)
Have a greta happy day and lots of cake!
I'm very proud of the haiku I wrote for you over at Millie's, ut's hard for me to count syllables in Ingles :P



Well, that's a relief... I was sure it was your birthday... Hope you had a GREAT DAY!!!!

I'm off to celebrate your birthday - going to see Spiderman...


Now confess -- did Mom make the outfit? It looks like one of her creations.

Happy birthday sis -- may you live long and prosper with lots of chocolate.


Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!


Millie - Birthday celebrations are just not the same without Haikus, what would I have done without you, no one else thought of it.

Carrot - It was a great year for bloggers that year I hear...

NCS - I am very proud of you and your ingles counting.

Kat - That was going to be my birthday celebration too, but I decided on Sushi in the end.

Steph - Of Course Mom made that outfit!! I wouldn't have accepted a knockoff version. LOL

Jan - Thanks Thanks!


Happy Birthday SIL! Wish we could party with you. Love the picture. I had to wish you happy birthday before S. Besides, I'm not sure he will remember to call you tonight like he said he would. I'll try to "encourage" him to. ;) Hope your day was awesome!


I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Well, I guess better late than never. Happy Birthday, Sketchy!!! :D

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