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May 12, 2007



From Build A Bear to Victoria's Secrets! Tweenies are so funny :)


Hey, at least she wasn't trying to run up the "down" escalator and getting in trouble with the JCPenney lady. ;)

I love that she called it "Pinks". So adorable. Here's to following behind in the future....

Happy Mother's Day - thinking of you. :)


Luckily we haven't had this adventure yet. The worst we've had is rollerskating, but even then she let me tag along.

I'm sure this is coming in the future. I don't think I'll ever be ready for it.


I wonder why she thought it was called Pinks? How funny!!! We went by Victoria's Secret in the mall the other week and my 7-year old wanted to know what her secret was. I'm sure he'll figure it out soon enough!


Jan - isn't it though? I never used to understand those quotes about how kids this age are one moment young woman, the next little child. I thought it was sort of some sort of hovering on the brink...now I get it!

Millie - no child of mine would dare make such a spectacle of themself. I mean really!

Steph - yeah, I'm surprised that you haven't gotten to this. Hannah's always seemed more mature than Brooke in a lot of ways. Then again, maybe it's Brooke's friend, she's a definitely more "in" than Brooke's ever been...I find it terrifying actually!

Suzanne - Tom and I went to go pick up my new dress today and I figured out where the "Pinks" came from. They had a display in the window that looked very much like a store they would like, with the pink polkadot dog, some beach chairs and such, and on the window was written in large letters, Hot PINK Summer Days, with Pink being bigger than any of the other words. I think that's where it came from.


Sounds like an 'interesting' conversation on the way home! Love the range of topics those 'tweeners' come up with.

No Cool Story

Oooh run up the "down" escalator stories :)
Aww, how sweet and innocent it all was, made me smile.

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