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May 20, 2007



Wow - I don't know how you handle the excitement... Well, you've always been planning for a glitzy existence...

No Cool Story

Sushie yum! "California" double yum!
I knew you were a party animal the very first (and only so far) time I set my eyes on you, you wild crazy Sketcheries.
Party on!


Yay!!!!! I was just wondering how your birthday went - it's like you read my mind. :) Glad to hear you've kept up your wild partying habits.

(sigh) I love Wham...


Whoa girl! Be careful with your wild ways - you know you aren't getting any younger LOL

The whole town showed up???? Do tell!


Oh, wild thing, you make my heart sing, and you really do make everything grooooovvvvy!

My Dad and Colombian Step-Mom treated me and mi familia to a dinner at our favorite Colombian restaurant for my birthday. It was muy delicious!


Gee, Elasticwaistbandlady beat me to the song playing in my head but I'll continue to hum this tune while I type my reply!

Happy Birthday Shelly and many, many more wild days and nights to you!


Sounds like you had a great two-day celebration. I'm glad you liked "Music & Lyrics". I was rather disappointed. I'll admit, the first part was hilarious, but the plot was a little ridiculous for me. Maybe it was because I just watched "Freedom Writers" and "The Pursuit of Happyness". They must have taken the frivolity out of me.


Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wildly wonderful time was had by all.

I'll have to see that movie. "Pop goes the World" was my totally my era. Totally.


Dude. You partied way too hard. Here it is almost five days later.

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