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May 10, 2007



I loooovvveee the Jazz. Admittedly for a different reason than you though, sketchy. I love them because my favorite slang word 'AZZ,' is displayed so prominently inside their team name!


I love hearing stuff like this. That not all pro-sports players are buttholes. :)


LOL about Carlos Boozer. I thought the same thing about how it's funny he plays for Utah with that name! :D


Good for you girlie! Loved them when Carl Malone was our man! 5-6 yrs is a long time..yikes..trying to think back. Anyway, all we should remember and think about is.."star" or not..we all have lives. I just so hope Derek's little one is OK. Go UTAH! GO



Shhhhh... you had me at "I don't root for the Utah Jazz."

Cuz I don't root for 'em either.


EWBL - well there is that too I suppose.

Ann - yeah, it's nice to hear about the ones who got the "character building" part of sports isn't it?

Suzanne - next years top recruits, Druggy Dougie and Smokey Joe.

Ali - You're a Jazz fan? How come???

Millie - I could put any sports team in that header and your response would be the same, lol.


Jazz fan because....way back in the day...when Craig (my boy) got addicted to bball...Carl Malone was one of his "idols..lived/breathed/spoke Malone. I think he's cool by "osmosis"..lol


LOL, true. You have me all figured out.

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