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May 16, 2007


No Cool Story

"I can take the kids to the doctor if they need it."
I was just thinking about the exact same thing! We are a couple of Thinkers aren't we?
We need to count our blessings and go "oh yeah!"


Financial worries stink! Looks like you have a good handle on it though.


Yeah, I'm with you! One day, I'll look into the refrigerator and see 3 types of cheese and I'll think, "I've finally made it!" The key is being grateful that I can at least have cheddar for now... :)


Any day you wake up married to a good man who is gainfully employed with a family who loves you, with a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear...

... is a good day. :)

I'm excited for you to be done with your Sallie Mae payment. There will be some celebrating on that day, I bet.


Wow -- you are going to be done with Sallie Mae???? You are very rich indeed.

We won't rejoice over that until the year 2035. All hail that day.


Unfortunately we won't be completely severing ties with Aunt Sallie Mae. See back in the day we consolidated, apparently they weren't so organized, and they left out one of our loans. So we are paying off that loan, we will still have the bulk of our loans to pay. But our payments will go down about $250 a month...unless of course we decide to keep up the aggressive payments.

That Chick

Student loans BLOW.


Student loans do suck... And I'm taking another chunk out of Sallie Mae... Oh well... What's another $36K between me and the government...

Don't you have a B-Day soon... Like tomorrow (well, today your time, tomorrow my time...)??? I'm sort of trying to remember. I think you and one of your brothers straddled Mt. St. Helens eruption...

If it's your birthday, Happy Birthday. If it's not, then bank it until your birthday actually comes... and remember, it's been a long time...


Thanks Kat - you're very right, lol. Good job!

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