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May 29, 2007



I love your writing style - hilarious! btw, Rene's blog link is on my side bar.

No Cool Story

He's a natural. I love it that he added the sound effect for extra excitement.

Bud, 7x7=49."
"Oh no..."
Your Bud and me :)


Oh my goodness - Another ACTOR in the family... Are you ready for the drama????
what a cutie... I felt like I was watching Tom though... Kinda eerie...


Awwww....I miss having little ones when I watch your guys.


How bittersweet and probably a little strange to have your last one go to school! I think I'd I have a hard time knowing how to feel... Does your school do all day Kindergarten? You mentioned the lunch money, so I wondered. How fun to see kids grow up! :)


Lisa!!!! - That's all just happy you are here!

NCS - It's all excitement when you WANT to be filmed.

Kat - I wouldn't know what to do with out the drama actually, how would I ever relate to a child without it? lol

Jan - I have no response to that. :D

Suzanne - no it's 1/2 day. But he hasn't really grasped that no matter how many times I tell him.


My Logan is kindergarten age and because of his speech delay, I'm sending him to school this Fall instead of homeschooling. It's all-day as opposed to the half-day my older kids went to. I can't even articulate how nervous I feel about this since I had such a bad expereince with the school that prompted me withdrawing my kids in the first place.

For some reason, the pics of your little guy aren't showing up. Meh, most 5 year old boys look the same. All with the distinctive naughty little twinkle in their eyes.

Carrot Jello

That will be a sad day. I hung out as long as I could when my son went to kindergarten. Then the teacher told me to leave. Waah.


How cute he is! And growing up so fast. I feel the same trepidation with Ethan starting kindergarten. Who knew the time would go by so quickly?????


I loved to listen to the interview. Your narrative was hilarious and bittersweet! I agree with Jan, it's hard NOT to have little ones when you read blogs like this one! Thanks Shelly!


Yoo Hoo Shelly! Where are you??? I am in need of a good post here. :)


Wow, I thought we held the corner on the market of falling-over-whining response, but I see it's in your house too! What a cool mom you are to video tape him reinacting the best part of the first video.

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