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January 16, 2007



I think you're stuck. I guess it's too late to change your precedent... I'm glad you're keeping up with traditions. Being the youngest, I know how it is when Mom and Dad get "been there, done that" over the little things that make a child so excited. I remember the tooth fairy "forgetting" once for me. I was crushed. Until he realized about noon and then gave the "prize". So, better late than never... :)

No Cool Story

I am in Washington, how long/loud should I clap?
12 teeth? are you sure? I don’t know, it seems a high number, do we have that many teeth anyways? I don’t want to have to take my socks off to count them...
Anyway, you know how many times the tooth fairy visited my kids? One. Yep, that's right. I'm the worst mother ever. I thought it wasn’t a big deal and that the kids should only get one something once and for their first tooth only.

I regret it now, so so much. They'll never be little and innocent again. So BOOO to me.
You are a good mom Miss Sketchy. A good good mom indeed.


What happened to getting a quarter? Sounds like you have upped the bar for the rest of us! ;)


Yeah, I definitely upped the bar, but only for myself...quick don't let your kids read this! But if we're lucky only I will go down with the good tooth fairy ship, let this be a warning to the rest of you!

Thoroughly Toothless Millie

Bri is the Tooth Fairy at our house. He's the one who wakes up and checks on the kids at night, while I'm in bed sleeping and oblivious to everything but fire, so we both figure he does a better and more consistent job. Since it's him and not me, the going rate is $1.00 per tooth in quarters. If it was me, it would definitely be 25 cents.


Shelly, I was a terrible Tooth Fairy! First of all I hated those tights and that magic wand. LOL I was always forgetting and having to make up some story that the fiary had 'run out of her quota of quarters' for the evening and to watch and see if she brought some the next evening. OR sometimes when they came home from school she would've been working during the day! Oh brother! What we do for our kids. Hang in there. You're doing a great job!


I love your storytelling. I am laughing my butt off right now! :)


Luckily, the tooth fairy never came when my son lost his teeth...no precident to live up to! I do like the fav meal after losing tho...thanks for the ideas...
Your stories are the best!! My only suggestion would be to keep a stash of small toys somewhere in your house...then you don't need to do the run to the dollar store! Good luck!


Oh I so know what you are going through. Back in the day when my boys were in the losing stage we had a cottage on an island. More than once the tooth fairy couldn't get across the high waves to leave her load.


Oh gosh you are so funny with the third photo translation! Just adorable!


Here's how I solved all the Tooth Fairy woes at our house. I'm not proud of myself, but I do have more quarters laying around.


Hey, I didn't accept my super suave linkie. How dare them!!!

Here it is:http://thesmilinginfidel.blogspot.com/2006/04/chronicles-of-appalling.html

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