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January 20, 2007


No Cool Story

I see you about tennis the same way I feel about soccer.
West Coast/East Coast sports & team rooting philosophy, wow, who knew? I had never heard of such a thing :)
Learn something new every day.
I had to google Blake and I agree: oh yes, Go Blake!

Thoroughly Sportsless Millie

What, is he cute or something? :)


I'm not a big tennis fan but at least it's a REAL sport unlike Poker. I agree, that is such a joke and it ranks right up there with watching bowling or golf on television - BORING! Give me a sport with some movement and I'll watch it because it IS a sport!

Good luck to 'your guy'!

carrot jello

I didn't know people actually watched tennis. I mean, stop on it to watch for a second, but not watch the whole thing. You learn something new everyday. ;)

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