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January 22, 2007



LOL! That Gazpacho salad looks so nasty! I'm with you on the BK thing.

The "King" really creeps me out and that's just seeing him on t.v. I can't imagine what I'd do if I had to look at a toy with him on it.

Your posts are so fun! :)

carrot jello

Awww, you thought of me! Millie has my address ;) I agree about the creepy burger king toy, but disagree with their clever packaging. Sometimes I buy Burger King just so I can read their messages. Well, I eat the food, but I enjoy chuckling at their clever messages.


I remember being completely nonplussed when I first visited America as a tender 18 year old, to watch them spooning gobs of JELLY (as we call it) onto their BEEF!!!!!! What's THAT all about?!?!!! With marshmallows in it!!!!

So I'm glad to see nothing's changed and you're still making strange strange savoury things with jello.




Suzanne, it's all for you.

Carrot, but do you agree with me on the creepy-scale, that's the important thing.

Chrissie, Jello on beef???? I have no idea what you are talking about, if I ever did know what you were talking about I disavow all (nonexistent)prior knowledge of it. Must be a Utah thing...all jello (mis)adventures are from Utah you know.

And for the record if anyone makes that Gazpaucho concoction they are required to post pictures of the concoction and themselves eating it.

No Cool Story

Burger King king is evil and most be destroyed. What a creepy dude, what a horribly scary campaign, who thought that'd be a good idea? And feed you inner champion. Right.

I bought a Jell-o cookbook once, I love looking at all the beautiful pictures, I have made one of the recipes, once. I love to collect recipes, because In my mind I can see me cooking, while a heavenly chorus and a soft dreamy light shine upon the finished product. Unfortunately that's how far as it gets and I just keep adding to my recipe collection.

I’m not going to touch the concept of defiling the most honest food in the world with veggies or beef. I’ll just do what I do what I see that creeptacular BK king: I’m going to cover my eyes and pretend I didn’t see that.

I know this guy who went to Spain on his mission and really liked gazpacho. Gazpacho is like that horrible nightmarish Burger King king: it's awful and I don’t know who ever thought cold tomato soup was ever a good idea.
This is the End on my comment.


Eeww... I like gazpacho, but it's one of those things you have to be in the mood for. And a jello-ized version??? BLECH!

"Feed your inner champion"??? ROFL.

Thoroughly Jello-Belly Millie

OK, your GA/Nike thing totally cracked me up. They ripped off President Kimball. He should've sued, but again, probably not something he would approve of. Burger King has the evil eye and he haunts my dreams, and their onion rings are completely unholy. (Ha! Get it? "Holey"??)

I do have Carrot's address, if you want it. Apparently you didn't creep her out quite enough. I continue to be amazed at the cruddy stuff people do to Jello. Even my beloved Lion House Christmas cookbook has a recipe for Lemon Shrimp Jello. Nothing says "lunch" like little shrimp bodies trapped in a big yellow mass of quivering goo. (Sorry if anyone was eating while reading my comment.)

So the English call Jello "jelly"? What do they call jelly?


I'm guessing that they call it "jam", millie. You know, as in toe jam.

You had me at talks of competitive eating aspirations, sketchy. We are blog soulmates.

My mom always "encouraged" us to clean our rooms by screaming out, "Your A** is grass, and I'm the lawnmower!" I'm guessing that none of the GA's have ever uttered such a phrase in their entire lives.

Thoroughly Jello-Belly Millie



Mmmm please pass the toe-jam...and I'm honored to be your blog mate.

Millie, love the new name, but have you considered this name changing thing is a bit compulsive. Lets talk, I'm worried...


I have one of those Jello books. Seriously. It belonged to my grandma, and my mom thought I should have it when I got married. My copy has to be at least 40 years old. But I swear it has that same recipe you posted. It looks nasty, even in the 40-year-old copy of the book.


I purposely stopped eating at BK because of that d@mn king/clown thing, it freaks me out.

As for jello, my midwestern roots would love a good recipe for jello with shredded carrots. Or maybe some lovely ambrosia salad with chunks of jello? Nummy goodness! :)


Yep, we call jello 'jelly'. Unless it has absolutely no fruit or seeds or whatnot in it, and then it's jelly (e.g. mint jelly that we put on lamb, or redcurrant jelly that you use to make glazes for ham). BUT if it's a citrus fruit jam then it's called marmalade.

Oh I assure you I have witnessed jello with carrots in it or marshmallows, being scooped all over beef and such like in Utah AND California. But then again, we eat Marmite and everyone freaks out about that in the States, so it's horses for courses I suppose :-D

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