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November 16, 2006



Love your update - and yes I am interested :) Keep them coming!


What a fun update! It's great to hear how well you are all doing. Love the bit about "Life as a Persecuted 8-year-old" and the favorite song (I can just picture him driving you crazy with "Nobody answers so we'll sing a little louder....")

Ethan I'm sure would love to live at your house (some days I would love to send him), but since he is his father's only son, I'm afraid he will have to stay. Now Grace is at the age and temperment that I'm sure we wouldn't miss, if you are interested (hee hee).

No Cool Story

First of all: November 16? YESSSSS!

I'm so very interested your kids are such cuties.
Hooray for mr. Sr. Engineer W00T!
There's plenty of time for Christmas shopping. Right?...right?


I didn't think that Christmas would be that hard with an allowance...maybe I just won't give my son one! :P
Love the family update...I may steal this idea sometime!
AND WHY!? *hee hee* Okay, my question is why can't your blog go on my bloglines account?? UGH! I have subscribed to you, but it NEVER shows up! Harumph! Guess I'll just have to check in on a daily basis! :D

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Your kids are so cute. When you said that Grant's orchestra teacher said he has good "bowing" skills, I thought you said "bowling"... so I'm picturing the orchestra teacher taking him bowling as a reward for doing so well... or sliding his instrument across the floor toward 10 makeshift pins - music stands, maybe? I had to go back and read it. :)

You and Tom have a great family.


Thanks again Shelly for the scrapbook pages. They all loved them. You are very talented.

Good to hear how you guys are going. We'll miss you this week for Turkey Day! But you will be more missed for day after Turkey Day shopping. :)


RaNell you will only miss me as I am the one who gets up super early and gathers up the things I think you guys will want before they go missing, lol! Have fun!!

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