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October 22, 2006



Oh Shelly that is just too sweet and funny! I would love to have been there to see your kids in action. Well done!

No Cool Story

Those are the days! Primary programs, desperate desperados, cheese smiles, waving at mom and dad every two seconds, mumbling your lines/screaming your lines.
Glad you got through it ok, did anyone one knew you guys were totally off track with the dates?

PS: I'm subscribed to BOTH your feeds on bloglines, and it still won't tell me when you have updates >:( me not happy.


Jan, see you should have come down to photograph for me!

NCS, I tried spanking my blog to get it to behave more properly, but unfortunately, I think it liked it.


Oh, I can so relate with both angles of this story--having been in the Primary Presidency and the counselor in charge of the blasted thing for more years than I care to remember. Sigh. But, it never fails to come off, and it never fails to be entertaining, if not spiritually uplifting. ;-) LOVE that you thought you had missed it. That is the best part!!!!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Funny, funny, funny. Ours is on Sunday and I'll have to watch mine closely to see how they compare with yours. I could totally picture your kids doing their respective thing... LOL.

I can't subscribe to you either. I have to just check you out every so often. (I don't have a library card but do you mind if I check you out?) ;)


Not to worry, there is no disappointment here. I learned long ago (after being involved in multiple programs now) that it doesn't matter what happens: who knows their part or not, who has been to practice or who hasn't, who is dancing or throwing scriptures, or running off the stage: everone thinks it is wonderful. No matter how bad you think it went, no one ever comes up to you and says "that was the worst program I ever saw". It is all praises and smiles.

Maybe that is because we have to sit through high council speakers once a month. :) No matter what happens it is all good!


Oh, Shelly! This has me rolling!!! I love your writing style. The description of your kids just cracked me up. Thanks for the bright spot.



Funny funny post! Thanks for the reminder.... I better start helping my boys learn their parts. Ugg!

Missing Persons Bureau

So, do I need to send out my bloodhounds to hunt you down? Are you OK over there? Hello?

::poking your blog with a stick to see if it moves::


My five year old thought the Primary Program was the perfect time to start walking like an Egyptian. My Sunbeam thought it was the perfect time to scream her line into the microphone despite repeated warnings from our frazzled Prim. counselor. My seven year old thought it was the perfect time to shove her classmate/co-scripture speaker to the side of the podium and take over by herself. My 11 year old thought it was the perfect time to cover her face with her hair and sulk because she's too cool to be up there with all the "little people", and then speed read through her lines so that she sounded like the commercial disclaimer people. My 9 year old and 10 year old thought it was the perfect time to salvage what was left of our family honor, and put on a great singing and line recitation performance.

No Cool Story

I'm guessing you went to the wedding.
I'll just wait for you right here.

At least I know The Missing Persons Bureau is aware of the situation.
Yes, that's the ticket.

Missing Persons Bureau

Just a note to let you know, we have your sister's blog under surveillance and know of your recent activities. Our suggestion is that you get your butt back home and start blogging again, or your situation is going to take a turn for the worse. We don't like to threaten, but you leave us no other choice.


Yes, I'm glad that stress is over with! But, I have to confess. I only had my kids go over their parts with me once. And I forgot to bring them to the practices. And they still don't know the words to several of the songs. Neither do I. Does this mean I can be released now? ; ) Seriously, I think all the goofy stuff and mistakes just makes the program more entertaining for the congregation!

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