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October 05, 2006



1. Do you want the job? Is it something you would do if the trip wasn't even in the picture?
2. Get clear with your Dad (after he gets over his wedding jitters) as to what his expectations are about the repayment. Maybe this is his gift because he wants you there on his all-important day.
3. Relax, whatever you decide it will work out.



If you take the job will they let you take time off to come for the wedding? What is the job anyway? I am certainly not opposed to working (obviously) but it would totally for me depend on what job it was and the time committment it would require.

And I would take his offer -- whatever it is. Let him help you and then later offer to pay him back and see what his reaction is.

Whatever you decide to do is totally your decision. (Like my non-commital with that statement?) I am too like you in a little bit of shock at the speed of everything. I thought we were looking at a Thanksgiving wedding at the earliest.

By the way, when are you going to call me, eh??????


Lianne -- that is just way to structured and organized a response to my incoherant ramblings. lol You have a gift...

HandieSteph -- when am I allowed to call you? I'm always scared I'll wake you up!


What a dilema. If it was me personally, I'd let dad pay for the ticket...and not take the job. (I'm such a mooch!) But like the others say, it's up to you! Do what YOU feel is best! (Definately get Dad in on the decision! Maybe he does want paid back, but then again, maybe he doesn't!)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

I agree with Steph - you might have limited time with your family if you take the job before the wedding. I'd wait on the job and accept your dad's help (whatever it is). I mean, if you can walk into an interview and get a job that fast, there's a good chance it'll happen to you again, right?

Wow, three weeks. That was fast!


Yeah, really fast...I just have to trust he knows what he's doing...


You can call me anytime. If I'm asleep, I just turn the ringer off and let the voice mail get it and then call you back later.

I left messages yesterday and Wednesday -- did you get them?

Hope you are well. :)

No Cool Story

I can’t read that fast...being Mexican and all. I had to read it r-e-a-l-l-y s…l…o…w.
Three weeks? wow, not much time to come up with a grandiose plan.
Good luck.

Got nuthin'

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