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October 19, 2006


Thoroughly Mormon Millie

Oh, my, heck. I can't even imagine... what, I ask you - WHAT is on my blog that is so offensive??? Is it the picture of my thong-wearing foot? Is it the lottery reference? Adult Mature? They obviously have no clue who they're dealing with....

No Cool Story

Well, it doesn't surprise me: there are posts about Attention Whores, naughty babies, l-o-t-t-e-r-y, pictures of children doing hand signs, references to her 'HOT' husband...oh the humanity of it all.

I also use Content Watch :), we have had it for about 2 years, it has filtered most of the bad stuff; had a few surprises here and there.


I have no idea why you got flagged Nat! It cracked me up though. I gave myself permission to visit your site whenever I want, that's how depraved I am.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie

You big REBEL. Are you sure about this decision?


Why what manner of depravity are you going to put up next?

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