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October 18, 2006


No Cool Story

One of the many reasons America is so awesome.
No, really, I didn't know how to wash clothes until I turned 18; of ocurse I had done a few pieces by hand here and there (desperation mostly, had to "have" certain item), but had never sorted laundry, pre-treted stains, etc.
Brooke, You Are ONE Lucky Girl.

Folding clothes? oooohhhh, you are in for a treat.

No Cool Story

Ok, I didn't re-read my post until it was too late.
Apparently I didn't learn how to not be lazy and use my spell check either.
Sorry, I call this an unfortunate lazy asyndeton.


That's pretty cool. I don't think I leared that at school. It was an "after school activity" that my mom provided!


That is awesome! Is this class the same as Home Ec? We sure didn't learn useful stuff when I took Home Ec.


NCS~I forgive you. Asyndetons happen (apparently!)

Gabriela ~ yeah, my Mom had the same opinions about extracurricular programs.

Jan ~ It is the same as Home Ec. They call it FACS, for the first couple of weeks I was wondering what the heck this "Facts" class Brooke was taking was about. Maybe next semester will be "Speculations". ;) Woodshop apparently also gets a new name, Technology, Tools and something... Guess it makes the teachers feel more important. But hey on the plus side if this is a science, I have a new job description to put on the resume...Family and Consumer Scientist!


"Speculations"....hmmmmm...that could be very interesting! LOL


Wow -- Hannah's not learning this at her school. Maybe its another East Coast thing.

Can't wait to see you next weekend. If only for 24 hours.........


Wow! What a wonderful idea!! Makes much more sense than most of the stuff we did in those classes. So, how did she do????

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